Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located at?

Angler House Marina MM80.5 bayside in the heart of Islamorada in the upper Keys. The address to map is 80500 Overseas Highway. We are 80 miles, a 2 hour drive from Key West.

How do I find our Captain /boat once at the Angler House Marina?

Our boats are docked on the right side of the property flanking the boat ramp. We have signs on the docks and you’ll see our tackle trailer too. It’s a cool, small private member’s marina so it’s very easy to navigate. 10-15 minutes before your departure time head over to our boats to meet your Capt. If you’re extra early, there’s lots of comfortable seating all around our property to enjoy while you wait!

We have seven people… Come on, can’t we all squeeze in??

Nope! Due to licensing the maximum number of guests per boat is six people and this is only available for groups with young children, 4 adults is optimal in the bayboats. For groups of seven or more, don’t despair…. we can set you up in two boats that can fish together on the water! Double the fun!

Do I tip my Captain? How much?

Absolutely! It is customary to tip your Captain. Standard is 20-25% of the charter total before any deposits. They work hard to ensure the boat is in tip top shape, tackle is clean and ready, and that you have a safe, fun time on the water. They just gave you their undivided attention for hours AND brought you back to the dock safely through a likely maze of islands and waterways! Yes, please reward them!

Do you provide water? Food?

Yes on the water! Nope on the food! But we will give you our recommendations on local places to advance order sandwiches from that you can pick up before your charter. Yep, even for those early morning departures, they’ll have them ready for you!

We’re running late…. Now what??

Well, kindly call/text Kara at the main number so she can let your Captain know, ideally before you are actually late. It’s a private charter so we’ll wait for you. Due to scheduling we likely can’t make up more than 5-10 min at the end of your allotted time but we’ll get you out and make the most of the time we have with you! Traffic can be unpredictable in the Keys. And travel times can be much longer than you expect. Please plan accordingly in allocating time to get to our marina.

Can we keep the fish we catch?

Backcountry fishing is primarily catch and release… This is due to both catch seasons/restrictions and the fact that many of the species from the Florida Bay are not what we consider table fare, they’re just super fun to catch on light tackle! Catch and release also helps sustain the fishery for generations to come! Occasionally we are able to keep a few fish to take to a local restaurant for a meal…typically mangrove snapper, spotted Seatrout or Spanish mackerel. If this is your goal, please let us know so we can try to accommodate. Fishing “for dinner” as the sole purpose of your trip may impact the variety of species and overall charter experience. The Offshore and Reef fishing has a greater chance of keeping fish for dinner.

What fish am I going to catch?

Please refer to the fishing charters pages on this website for complete details in what species each trip may include.

Are you a booking service?

No, we are a fishing charter company. We own and operate multiple bayboats and a skiff with a team of fantastic Captains that run our boats. We have a few select offshore Captains that do all of our offshore/reef charters on their boats. For large group bookings we bring in outside independent captains with boats as necessary to accommodate request, this is always disclosed at time of inquiry/booking.

Can I pick my Captain?

All of our Captains are awesome… knowledgeable, skilled, kind, kid & adult friendly and the love what they do! We do try to accommodate Captain requests, but cannot guarantee. This is especially true for Capt Hollywood; his schedule is somewhat unpredictable, he gets pulled away for tournaments and filming plus he fishes in other areas parts of the year. Keep an open mind, you just never know, the next one you go out with may become your new favorite!

I’m prone to getting seasick, should I just stay onshore and let the others go?

Absolutely not! The backcountry charters are very user-friendly even for people prone to being seasick on the open ocean. Our bayboats are big and comfy with a great ride. The average depth in the Florida Bay/backcountry is only 4-5 feet so it never gets rocky rolly, seasick inducing like it can on the Offshore/Reef charters on the deep open ocean waters.

I’m worried about the weather, my trip is next week and forecast says it might rain!!

Please. Stop. Worrying. If there’s a major weather system, be assured we’re watching it! Otherwise we don’t bother with the forecast until the day before or morning of your charter. Forecasts are notoriously wrong, and the Capt’s have awesome weather apps with the latest technology for current conditions. Sometimes we wait out a little weather and delay the departure a bit. Very rarely we have to cancel, if we do it is on Capt’s call day of the charter. We always try to reschedule first if there’s availability, if not possible your deposit is fully refunded. Safety is first, we do not go out in unsafe conditions as determined by lightening activity or unsafe wind speeds. We also don’t cancel because it might sprinkle.

Wait, did you say it may rain on my fishing charter?

We wish every day could be a picture perfect, blue bird day but occasionally they’re not. You’re here to fish, we’re here to take you fishing. So yep, it may rain. It most likely will not. But we do have liquid sunshine in Florida, a rain shower may happen particularly in the summer months. Captains do their best to avoid them when they see them, but it’s not always possible. All of our bayboats have T-tops that provide some sun and rain relief. On a hot summer day sometimes the best thing that happens is a little cloud cover and shower to cool things off! It’s Florida after all, things dry off pretty quick! Best advice, bring a rain jacket if you’re really worried! All boats have dry storage for a bag.

Can we get in the water while we’re fishing?

Ever seen Jaws???? We stay in the boat on all of our fishing charters. If you want to get in our beautiful waters, we can arrange a private swimming/ sandbar/snorkeling charter for you with our sister company Islamorada Boat Tours. See our Full Monte page for details on a combination booking!

Does the boat have a bathroom? Or a head?

Different words, same meaning… same answer. Nope. No bathroom on any of our boats. Our marina has nice bathrooms to use before/ after your charter. There are a few islands with porta potties in the Everglades if it becomes necessary. Guys have it easier for boatside relief, but if there’s a will, there’s a way for the ladies too! Captains are used to eyes forward, someone needs a moment at the back of the boat. While it’s a common concern, it’s never an issue.