Islamorada Night Fishing



A tradition that was started many years ago by the local Islamorada fishing guides, the “Night Tarpon Trip“, was created to give anglers the best chances to catch the giant Silver King while drifting live bait around our world famous bridges and passes. The Tarpon is by design a nocturnal feeder and the magic hour of sunset to twilight can be an angler’s best friend when it comes to Tarpon fishing.

Nowadays with faster, more reliable boats, better navigational equipment, and heavy fishing pressure during the day, an evening trip can be used to target many different fisheries. Leaving the dock at 4-5pm and returning between 8:30-9pm can give you the chance to spend the day on the island, get your fishing fix in and still be home in time for a late dinner. Or bring a picnic dinner and enjoy it on the water as the sun goes down! We run night tarpon trips Mid March through June and general backcountry evening/sunset trips mid March through September.  


These trips can target not only Tarpon, but Sharks, Bonefish, Trout, Snappers, etc. giving the whole family a chance to fish while the majority of the crowds are off the water and the air temperature is refreshing. Throw in a couple of adult beverages and a beautiful sunset to boot and that is what vacation in the Florida Keys is all about.


Our night fishing trips are typically four hours long and are readily available starting right after the spring “time change.” If you’re interested in a night fishing trip, please contact our office to discuss your fishing needs and we will schedule your trip accordingly!

Have any questions about what trip would be best for you? Contact us directly at 305-393-8670 to discuss your fishing trip needs and we’ll help you select the best trip for you and your family! You can also email us using the form on our Contact Us page.

making memories, one fish at a time

photo & video from previous trips